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FIC: Blue [Tonks, Remus, Teddy - PG-13]

Author: Anonymous
Characters/Pairings:Tonks, Remus, Baby Teddy
Warnings:depression, infant abandonment
Word Count:2,000
Prompt:15. Tonks. The moments before she leaves Teddy for the battle. (submitted by tabitha666)
Notes:This story was tough. Thanks to the mods for indulging my pregnancy- induced procrastination and inability to finish what I had started. I started writing this fic 8 months ago, and I’m in a very different place emotionally now that baby is imminent, which is why I haven’t actually edited this fic. I also apologize to myself for making breastfeeding sound so negative.

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emo fest IV

FIC: Snow Leopard [Narcissa/Severus - PG-13]

Author: Anonymous
Title: Snow Leopard
Characters/Pairings: Narcissa/Severus, can be read as a pairing or simply protective friendship.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentioned character death, child neglect, violence/fighting, significant age difference/underage romance (if the character interaction is viewed in a pairing context).
Word Count: 2212
Prompt: #74 - Remus/Luna, Narcissa/Severus. This picture, creature habits. (by deathjunke)
Notes: Takes place while the two of them are still in Hogwarts - a few liberties taken with the ages, but only if the Black Family tapestry counts as canon. I'm not sure this is what the prompter was hoping for/expecting, but it's what came to mind for me when I saw the picture.

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emo fest IV

FIC: Remembering to Forget [Harry, Hermione - PG]

Author: Anonymous
Title: Remembering to Forget
Characters/Pairings: Hermione, Harry (gen)
Rating: PG
Warnings: slash if you squint
Word Count: ~1500
Prompt: 21. Years after the final battle. Harry or Hermione decides to stop using magic and return to the Muggle world. (by tabitha666)
Notes: I very much see this as the first part to a longer story. Check back in for part two. :)

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