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HP emo fest || making you cry since 2009

Prompt Fest 2010 - Rules, Information & Timeline
emo fest IV
hp_emomod wrote in hp_emofest
Finally, the time has come. I had originally planned to start this fest about a month ago but I got busy and only just managed to finish the rules today. Can you believe we're on our third round already?! :)

Anyway, the poll showed that most of you want a prompt fest, so a prompt fest it is! In the next winter round, we'll probably go back to Anonymous Exchange, but right now we ask you to dig out all your emo fic ideas because prompt submitting starts today!

All the rules and information can be found in this post. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, send us a PM or an email ♥

Rules, Information & TimelineCollapse )

Prompt Fest 2010 - Prompting!
emo fest IV
hp_emomod wrote in hp_emofest

Please read the rules HERE before you submit a prompt, just to make sure you have all the info.

Please use the following form if you want to submit a prompt. Post each prompt in a new comment.

Need more explanation about the prompt-submitting form? No problem.


Your username :)


You may give up to three pairings for each prompt. If you want only one specific pairing, only list the one you want. The person who claims your prompt will then have to use that one pairing.

If you don't care about the pairing, you may also enter 'slash', 'femmeslash' or 'het' instead of a specific pairing.


A prompt can be anything, really. A word or phrase, a picture, a poem, a quote, a song, a movie, a video, a book, a kink or a story summary. If you'd like to submit a picture prompt, please LINK to the picture rather than have it displayed in your comment.

Thank you!

If you have any questions, send a PM or an email to hp_emofestmod@yahoo.com or leave us a comment in the RULES POST.

Prompt submitting will close on Saturday (May 15th) around midnight CET (Central European Time).

~ Your Mods :)

Pimp The Fest!
emo fest IV
hp_emomod wrote in hp_emofest
We'd appreciate it if you could help us pimp the fest! :)

To do that, please use the following template and post it wherever you like.