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Prompt Fest 2010 - Rules, Information & Timeline

Finally, the time has come. I had originally planned to start this fest about a month ago but I got busy and only just managed to finish the rules today. Can you believe we're on our third round already?! :)

Anyway, the poll showed that most of you want a prompt fest, so a prompt fest it is! In the next winter round, we'll probably go back to Anonymous Exchange, but right now we ask you to dig out all your emo fic ideas because prompt submitting starts today!

All the rules and information can be found in this post. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, send us a PM or an email ♥

What is emo?

All prompts, fics and artworks must have emo elements in them. What does that mean? Very simple. Someone has to cry, be depressed, go through a rough time in their life, cheat on their partner, die, or do something else that is intensely emo and causes your reader to shiver and burst into spontaneous tears. Whatever sadness you can come up with, we want it! Make us suffer with our beloved characters!

The majority of your fic should be angsty or sad but that doesn't mean that hopeful or happy endings are not allowed. On the contrary - both sad and happy endings are more than welcome. Or maybe your fic isn't all that sad but you want to surprise us with a particulary sad and nasty ending? Whatever it is you feel inspired to do, we'd like to see it.

Take your fluffy, happy prompts somewhere else because this is all about the emo ;)

What is a prompt fest?

Someone submits a prompt. This can be a word, a song, a quote, a kink, a pairing, a book or a story summary. You see that prompt and feel inspired, so you claim it. And then you write a story or draw a picture based on that prompt and send it to us before the deadline. When posting starts, we will post all the fics and artworks anonymously and by the end of the fest, we will have a Big Reveal.

You can submit prompts, even if you don't plan on claiming one! :)

And now for a bit more detailed information on prompt submitting and claiming...

Rules for Prompt Submitting:

* All prompts must have 'emo' elements in them. For the definition of 'emo', see above.

* In the next post that goes up, you will find the template we want you to use to submit your prompt. We reserve the right to reject any prompts we think doesn't have the wanted emo potential.

* You may submit as many prompts as you can come up with. No limits whatsoever, but if you submit multiple prompts, please post each prompt in a new comment - makes it easier for us mods ;)

* When prompt submitting ends, a list with all the prompts will be posted.

Rules for Prompt Claiming:

* First come, first served. You will be asked to pick your three favourite prompts and if someone else claims your #1 before you get the chance to hit 'send', then you'll automatically get your second choice.

* Each prompt may be claimed by one author and one artist. In the off-chance that we're running out of unclaimed prompts, we might do a second claiming round.

* Each participant can claim up to two prompts but you must finish your first fic/artwork before you claim a second prompt. If you submit your first fic early, you may go back to claim a second prompt (and in this case you may even choose one that has already been claimed).

* Don't claim a prompt if you know you're gonna disappear on us. We'll be very strict with the deadline this time, so please think about whether you'll actually have the time to write a fic or draw a picture before you consider claiming.

General Information:

* For this round, we'll allow everything. Any pairing you can possibly think of - but no 'gen'. Slash, femmeslash and even het are all allowed in this round :)

* As usual, we know no taboos. Dub-con, non-con, torture, chan, angst, character death - we want it all. Just make sure to add the proper warnings in your header because not everyone might like that stuff as much as we do ;)

* All ratings are allowed - anything from G to NC-17 is welcome.

* The word limit for fics is 1,000 words. Art should show the same effort.

* All fics must be beta-read. I cannot stress this enough because in the past few fests we've had submissions that were mediocre to say the least, and it shouldn't be our job to proof-read all the submissions all over again. So get a beta. If you can't find one, try hp_beta or wait for our beta post to go up.

* Fic and art posting is anonymous. That means you're not supposed to tell anyone (except your beta) which fic you're writing. Don't tell people which prompt you've claimed, no matter how hard it is. You're also not allowed to repost your fics/artworks until we post the big reveal and announce the end of the fest.

Fic & Art Submission:

* Fics should be submitted in a .doc or .docx file; art should be submitted in a .jpeg, .png or .gif file.

* Fics should contain all HTML coding.

* Please title your document/file Username - Prompt #. Put the same line in your email header. You wouldn't believe how much easier that makes things for us :)

* Send your completed art or fic to hp_emofestmod@yahoo.com and we will send you a confimation mail as soon as we get it. If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, send your fic again, just to make sure we actually get it.

* Please use the following header for fic:

* Please use the following header for art:

Other Important Information:

* Our email address is hp_emofestmod@yahoo.com so if you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

* Make sure you give us an email address you check regularly. We have to be able to contact you at any given time, and if we don't hear back from you after about a week, we'll have to assume you're dropping out.

* DON'T claim a prompt if you know you won't be able to complete your fic/art.

* TALK TO US. Don't be scared if you realise you won't be able to complete your fic/art. Sometimes, RL gets in the way which we totally understand. What we don't understand, however, is when people just bail on us without a word.

* Extensions will be granted but only if you ask us ON TIME, not 2 hours before the deadline.

Now that everything's said, here's the timeline of the fest:


Prompt Submitting: May 12th - May 15th
Prompt List Goes up: May 15th or May 16th
Prompt Claiming: May 17th - May 20th
Submissions Due: August 1st
Posting Starts: August 15th [this may change, though, since your mod doesn't know when she'll be on vacation this summer :)]

Any questions? Ask away!

~ thilia & zukosphoenix
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