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FIC: The World's a Stage [Draco/Pansy, Draco/Astoria - PG]

Author: Anonymous
Title: The World’s a Stage
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Pansy, Draco/Astoria
Rating: PG
Warnings: Infidelity
Word Count: 660
Prompt: 209. Draco/Pansy or Pansy/Astoria. Infidelity!fic. Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance. [Oscar Wilde] (by scarletladyy)
Notes: Thanks to M for the beta. And to scarletladyy for the prompt. And to Shakespeare for the title!


Goyle and Bulstrode are seated to her left, and Pansy can hardly be expected to make conversation with them for two hours. To her right, Astoria and Daphne are distracted by talk of their latest enterprise; Draco’s watching them, his face stuck somewhere between amusement and horror.

Pansy uses the moment to rest her hand on his thigh.

“They’re throwing away your money again,” she says quietly.

Draco shrugs. “It makes her happy.”

“We’re being mocked, sis,” Daphne says, but she’s laughing, cheeks flushed red. “I don’t know why you let your husband get away with it.”

Pansy slides her hand up towards Draco’s groin, pats him once, and then reaches for her glass. “Mocking things is Draco’s one joy in life bar Astoria. If you want her to have any time left for your new project then you should probably leave him be.”

“Fine,” Daphne agrees, “but only if he doesn’t tell Mother.”


Mrs Greengrass is an exceptional accountant; one therefore has to look to her husband for an explanation as to why their children have no business sense whatsoever.

It’s a welcome change when her son-in-law comes to her for advice. Draco brings details of his accounts to her, both those he shares with Astoria and those which belong to the Malfoy family alone. Every month it’s the same: the household budget; a few carefully considered investments; a few even more carefully considered donations; and then a cluster of ridiculous withdrawals that Draco never expects to see a return on. This month they add up to 250 Galleons. It has to stop.

“My daughters?” she asks.

He nods.

Later that evening, she asks Astoria exactly how much she’s invested in her ridiculous ‘Fashion for Familiars’ idea. Astoria blushes, tells her not more than 100 Galleons, and that they’re absolutely certain this scheme will pay off.

It must be nice, she thinks, to be able to lie so casually about such a large sum of money.


Whoever bought Pansy her new necklace must have spent a fortune on her.

She claims it was a tall, dark, handsome, powerful wizard who she met at one of Zabini’s weddings.

“The opposite of Draco then,” Daphne says, and Pansy laughs.


Pansy helps Draco plan their first holiday as a married couple: an extended tour through Wizarding Scandanavia, followed by a short hop to Moscow for Midsummer.

“Face it, you’re not exactly suited for the Mediterranean,” she says, “whereas I will be on an island somewhere, in a bikini. If you’re lucky I’ll send photographs.”

When Draco and Astoria arrive in Finland, an owl is already waiting for them. The message burns up if anyone other than Draco touches it.

“Who was it from?” Astoria asks.

“My father,” Draco says, “wants to know if we’re ready to have children yet.”

“Not quite yet, I think.” She draws her wand. “I know about you and Pansy.”


They return to England on a Monday. Narcissa hosts a dinner for both their families and Astoria and Draco give presents, tell stories, and show pictures of their trip.

“You two look so happy.”

Astoria kicks Draco under the table.

“Yes,” he agrees, “we are.”


“You can’t have children together,” Astoria says. “It’s the only thing that makes sense. You’re so stupid. And you thought I wouldn’t figure it out.”

“No,” Draco lies, “I’m actually surprised it took you this long. Name your terms.”

He’s reluctantly impressed.


The Vow ends the day Scorpius turns seventeen.

“You’re free,” Astoria says. “But I doubt Pansy will want you now.” She nibbles at her toast. “You’re too good an actor, Draco. There were moments when even I was convinced you were in love with me.”

Draco nods in respect. She played her part just as well. “Sometimes I think I am.”

“No you aren’t. But it’s fun pretending.”

He offers her his hand. “Another eighteen years?”

She makes a counter offer. “How about a lifetime?”


Pansy never does make it back from Italy.


Tags: !round5, !winter2011, fic, het, pairing: draco/astoria, pairing: draco/pansy, rating: pg

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