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Anonymous Masterlist & Statistics

Without further ado, we give you the complete Anonymous Masterlist of this year's fest, along with some interesting statistics!


  • We had a total of 228 prompts, of which 54 were claimed.

  • We ended up posting 44 submissions; 42 fics and 2 artworks.

  • 7 people dropped out, 3 people disappeared on us and 7 people ended up claiming and completing a second prompt.

  • There were 24 slash submissions, 10 gen, 8 het and 2 femmeslash submissions.

  • The most popular ratings were NC-17 and PG-13, which were each used 14 times.

  • The most popular pairing was undoubtedly Harry/Draco with 11 submissions.

  • The most popular - or emo - male character was Draco (20 sub.), closely followed by Harry (19 sub.). The most popular, emo female character was Hermione (4 fics).

  • The shortest fic was 281 words long; the longest one around 60,000 words!

  • Our complete word count this year was an amazing 178,451! :D


  1. Anonymous wrote I wish you love [Harry/Draco - PG-13]

  2. Anonymous wrote Shake, Shiver, Moan [Severus/Hermione - R]

  3. Anonymous wrote these are the hells we crave [Regulus/Sirius - NC-17]

  4. Anonymous wrote Snow [Draco - R]

  5. Anonymous wrote Hold Me and Watch the Apocalypse [Harry/Draco - PG]

  6. Anonymous wrote Not Exactly Parents [Teddy - G]

  7. Anonymous wrote Room on the Third Floor [Ron/Pansy - NC-17]

  8. Anonymous wrote World of Pretend [Harry/Draco - NC-17]

  9. Anonymous wrote Through the Fire [Draco - PG]

  10. Anonymous wrote Festival Night [Draco/Albus - NC-17]

  11. Anonymous wrote another apple to cut into pieces [Draco/Asteria, Daphne, Narcissa - PG-13]

  12. Anonymous wrote Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams [Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus - NC-17]

  13. Anonymous wrote Let Me Fall [Lorcan/Lysander - R]

  14. Anonymous wrote No One Special [Millicent, Draco - PG-13]

  15. Anonymous wrote Safe Within the Dark [James/Albus - R]

  16. Anonymous wrote Come Get Me If Your Heart Is A Bad Thing [Sirius, Regulus - PG]

  17. Anonymous wrote Failed Orders [Draco/Severus - G]

  18. Anonymous wrote With a Love Like Yours, Life Isn't So Bleak Anymore [Harry/Draco - NC-17]

  19. Anonymous wrote Feed Me With Your Kiss [Draco/Barty Jr. - PG-13]

  20. Anonymous wrote Who to Choose [Harry/Scorpius - PG-13]

  21. Anonymous wrote breeding lilacs out of the dead land [Sirius/Regulus - NC-17]

  22. Anonymous wrote Playing the Game [Albus/Scorpius, Harry/Scorpius - NC-17]

  23. Anonymous wrote Another Love I Would Abuse [Harry/Draco - R]

  24. Anonymous wrote I Never Wanted Anything From You, Except Everything You Had [Harry, Lily Luna - PG]

  25. Anonymous wrote To Live Doesn't Mean You're Alive [Harry/Narcissa - PG-13]

  26. Anonymous wrote Nightmare [Harry/Draco - PG-13]

  27. Anonymous drew If I Could Turn Back Time [Severus/Sirius - PG-13]

  28. Anonymous wrote Shower Revelation [Harry/Charlie - R]

  29. Anonymous wrote It's More Than History [Harry, Lily - PG-13]

  30. Anonymous wrote Dirty Little Secret [Harry/Draco - NC-17]

  31. Anonymous wrote Cutting into the pain [Scorpius/Hugo - R]

  32. Anonymous wrote You Set Fire To The Rain [Harry/Draco - R]

  33. Anonymous wrote Tears [Lucius/Narcissa - PG-13]

  34. Anonymous wrote A Tragedy In One Act [Septima/Charity - PG-13]

  35. Anonymous wrote Save Me From Myself [Harry/Draco - NC-17]

  36. Anonymous wrote Tiny People With Tiny Lives [Draco/Rose - PG-13]

  37. Anonymous wrote A Change, But Not For The Better [Harry/Hermione - NC-17]

  38. Anonymous wrote The World's A Stage [Draco/Pansy, Draco/Astoria - PG]

  39. Anonymous wrote Casualties [Albus/Scorpius - PG]

  40. Anonymous wrote Wind You Up [Pansy/Hermione - NC-17]

  41. Anonymous drew Take You Down [Harry/Draco - NC-17]

  42. Anonymous wrote Remembering to Forget [Harry, Hermione - PG]

  43. Anonymous wrote Snow Leopard [Severus/Narcissa - PG-13]

  44. Anonymous wrote Blue [Tonks, Remus, Teddy - PG-13]

Make sure to use the next week to check out a few of the fics you may not have read yet and leave the authors some feedback!

The reveals will go up on December 31st!
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